Never Lose Sight of an Order for Optimal Business Performance

Never Lose Sight of an Order for Optimal Business Performance

What does it take to never lose sight of an order given your current business set up? The answer from most companies is a long process that requires a lot of people, a lot of documentation, and a lot of time. When processes become over complicated, involve many people, and take a long time, the result is errors in order fulfillment and inventory. Whether things get lost, orders are filled incorrectly, or the business rules get confused, all of these complications cost you as a business owner time and money. The two main focuses of any business should be maximizing customer relationships and revenue – this is best done through simple, scalable processes that can grow with you and your staff.

So, what does it mean to never lose sight of an order? From the moment it is placed, anyone in your company should be able to see every detail from what is in the order, to when it was completed and shipped. The Shiptec Meridian Order Management Solution gives you the capability to have full visibility into every aspect of your order placement, verification, and fulfillment process. It will allow you to automate order control including consolidating orders, and then helps manage the order once it gets to your warehouse.

In a traditional order fulfillment process order picking tickets are printed, distributed to packers, and then warehouse employees are responsible for locating items and packing the cartons as outlined. The Meridian Module automates this process, and also tracks who in your warehouse has touched each order, and directs your employees where to find each item. Once an order is packed and is ready to get handed off to your shipping team, there is an intuitive built in process to print shipping labels, packing slips, and other documents your customers may require. It also supports EDI 856 & Advance Ship Notice (ASN), and other custom label requirements so you can continue to serve a variety of customers. The Meridian Module even allows you to stage shipments for today & future dates. This information is tracked all in one central location giving your customer relations team the ability to give the most accurate, up-to-date information to anyone inquiring about an order.

“Our customers have also reaped the benefits due to increased accuracy in our shipping process as well as compliant labeling, correct billing, and shipping product on-time. Our inventory accuracy has improved 100%.”

Overall, automating the traditional process improves workflow, prevents tickets from being lost, and reduces labor hours. Even more than the obvious savings in time and labor hours, using an automated system with built in quality control for your orders will maintain the integrity of your inventory by shipping the order accurately the first time, every time. Another hidden savings that you can feel good about as a business owner and operator is the paperless processing that the Meridian Order Management Solution offers by utilizing RF scanners. Not only will this prevent important order documentation (picking tickets, order verification slips, or invoices) from being lost, it also helps reduce waste and the time, energy, and investment in printing and maintaining paper records.

Whether you are just getting started, are growing at a rapid pace, or have a large inventory to manage already, getting an automated process in place to provide the best service possible while still maximizing revenue is essential to taking your business to the next level.

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