Not All Automated Rate Shopping is Created Equal

Automated rate shopping is a feature that many businesses are actively looking to compare from vendor to vendor and ultimately purchase. This is a major feature in most multi-carrier shipping solutions, and arguably, the most important when it comes to savings – but only if it is done right.

Traditionally, rate shopping in its most primitive form, is an employee manually inputting package specs into carrier websites. They also then need to weigh the pros and cons of each offering including but not limited to, cost, tracking ability, speed of delivery, and available additional features such as custom labeling. This employee becomes solely in charge of making sure your company has the best operational efficiency, the most cost savings, and the happiest customers. Unfortunately, no matter how great your workforce, there are bound to be errors. Whether orders are coming in faster, or employees are getting tired during their shifts, the sacrifice you make as a business owner is time and profitability. Luckily, there is an easy fix that maximizes revenue and frees up employee hours to do more exciting and human driven tasks. Finding and implementing an automated solution for this problem will only make workflow easier, and increase profitability by making the right shipping selection every time… and who doesn’t like found time and money?

Shiptec’s Primus Module is the best way to start improving operational efficiency within your current business practices. This offering allows for deep levels of customization according to your existing business rules, so you don’t have to forego the way you are doing things now. Your business rules are in practice for a reason, you are the expert in your industry, and we want to give you the ability to maintain authority without sacrificing quality or cost when it comes to shipping.

The feature that wins most business’ hearts is automated rate shopping, or the ability to find the best shipping rate with a singular click. One-click rate shopping is the gold standard in the market today, streamlining the carrier selection and label printing process. Complex algorithms make the decision for you in a fraction of a second, all while keeping your customizations in mind. Rest assured, this is something that can be found in the Primus Module.

Package tracking is more than just a customer satisfaction tool; it ensures the best experience possible for your clients, which results more often than not in reoccurring revenue.

Once a carrier is selected and label is printed to perfection, what happens next? Thinking beyond the package will set your business apart. Package tracking is more than just a customer satisfaction tool; it ensures the best experience possible for your clients, which results more often than not in reoccurring revenue. Automated tracking emails that can be personalized for your business and have carrier specific tracking links, show that you care about customer experience, and people like to be cared for. When your customers have a good experience with a business they are expected to become worth 10 times their initial purchase value to your company. What’s more, 80% of future profit is projected to come from just 20% of your current clients. Dissatisfaction is like poison to any business, with 9 out of 10 customers who experienced poor service, telling 9-15 people within their network; in the business-to-business world, this is almost certain death.

f you are still on the fence about if multi-carrier shipping solutions with an automated rate shopping feature is for you and your company, consider the costs of not using one. Shipping mistakes cost businesses time and money. Additionally, there is the cost of an unhappy customer or a lost customer. Our shipping solutions boost efficiency and significantly reduce mistakes made in the warehouse.

Automated rate shopping and tracking systems allow for your business management team to see a complete picture of what happens to a shipment from the very first click to delivery. This is essential to making sure you have the utmost accuracy when it comes to data, consistency, and efficiency. Don’t believe the hype? See what our clients have to say about implementing the Primus Module, and how it was to the benefit of their business.

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