For more than 38 years we have conquered all challenges and provided solutions to many businesses both large and small.

Shiptec Systems, Inc. has specialized in the business of developing and selling Shipping Systems since 1980. We are recognized by our customers and competitors as the most innovative producer of Multi Carrier Shipping Systems (UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTL and more) and Warehouse Order Management Systems.

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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution for processing orders in the most efficient means based on your Company’s and your Customer’s business rules. Understanding that Companies need Solutions that are Customizable, Shiptec’s unique design allows implementation of your business rules quickly and efficiently without the cost of custom Software.

We are committed to remaining current on parcel carrier requirements and allowing your company to maximize each carrier’s potential to your best advantage.

Support is critical and Shiptec Systems, Inc. maintains the highest level of support and on-going maintenance, allowing your Company to operate at it’s maximum potential.

Shiptec Systems, Inc. has positioned itself to be the leader of Warehousing and Distribution Software by continuing to expand its industry-proven product(s).

SHIPTEC Success Story

Bob Yates was born in Nashville but grew up in West Tennessee. He was back for his senior year at Isaac Litton High School before joining the Navy right after graduating. Bob served for four years before going on to work as a Service Technician for Pitney Bowes.

During his tenure at Pitney Bowes, he always felt that customers deserved a much better experience without waiting so long or paying more than necessary. After 13 years of exceptional service, he decided it was time to go out on his own.

In 1980, Bob founded Mail Ship Technology. The company offered Pitney Bowes customers alternative maintenance services at a much lower rate and a better response time. The company was renamed Shiptec Systems not long after in 1981.

After countless interactions with customers, Bob Yates realized the urgent need to solve the inadequacies with the order processing systems of those days. Shiptec Systems filled this gap in the market by developing revolutionary shipping software that simplified orders and maintained accountability by providing customers with end-to-end tracking.

Before Shiptec, businesses had no choice but to settle for inept services fraught with human errors at every step of the way. They were also required to pay six figures plus to process their orders in a relatively efficient manner. Now even smaller businesses could effortlessly and reliably process their orders at a fraction of the cost.

The company was also one of the first in the mid-80s to utilize Touch Screen Monitors and Barcode Scanning for orders in the warehouses. The technology eliminated manual data entry errors that had been plaguing warehouse workflows for years!

Over the years, Bob Yates led the company to grow into much more than a carrier-specific shipping software company. He took Primus, their flagship software, and expanded it to broader platforms with new features such as:

Verbatim: a complete Order/Parcel Content Verification System.

Meridian: a complete Warehouse Order Management System.

WMS Lite: a complete Return/Put-a-way/Inventory & Cycle Counting System.

The Shipping Software industry became very competitive once companies learned the many advantages of Carrier Manifesting. Despite this, Shiptec Systems with Bob Yates at its helm has remained a leading player in the market, and at the forefront of innovation for over four decades.